Clement Hil Goldberg Receives Creative Capital Award

02 Feb, 2022

Clement Hil Goldberg Receives Creative Capital Award

Congratulations to Clement Hil Goldberg's 'Let Me Let You Go' for receiving the Creative Capital Award which supports artists who are pushing boundaries, and asking challenging questions!

Creative Capital Awards

Creative Capital believes that funding the creation of new work by groundbreaking artists is vital to the vibrancy of our culture, society, and our democracy. According to the Creative Capital Director of Artist Initiatives, “The selected projects critically and creatively address some of the most pressing issues of our moment, as well as painful historical legacies that continue to shape our present— from abortion to money laundering in the art world, to the mass graves from the convict leasing program to the lasting imprint colonization has left on the construct of time zones."

Please visit here to see the full list of 2022 Creative Capital Awardees.

Clement Hil Goldberg Bio

Clement Hil Goldberg filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist who is non-binary trans and queer. They work across
disciplines to create satirical yet hopeful projects that center collective grief rooted in the climate crisis, cultural erasure, and extinction. Their project Let Me Let You Go was a Page International Screenwriting Award quarter-finalist and a Stowe Narrative Lab participant before receiving a 2022 Creative Capital Award. Goldberg was awarded their second Creative Work Fund and a San Francisco Artist Commission visual arts grant to create Our Future Ends, about near-extinct lemurs and long-lost Lemuria. It premiered at CounterPulse in San Francisco and was the Platinum Centerpiece at Outfest in 2018. Goldberg created the animated series The Deer Inbetween and joined Michelle Tea to produce the collaborative queer experimental feature Valencia. Valencia won the Jury Awards for Best Experimental Feature at the Polari Film Festival and Best Narrative Feature at Chicago Reeling in 2013.

Awarded Project 'Let Me Let You Go'

'Let Me Let You Go' is a comedic science fiction feature about hope, grief, and humor as everything falls apart. The story opens in present-day San Francisco. Miguel, sick of his gig as a psychedelic trip sitter, steals mushrooms from his Silicon Valley client and Cary is abducted from a sidewalk by an unmarked security force. The pair meet in detention where MF, an investor interested in life-extension research and cultural preservation, offers the artists an immortality serum to survive an imminent societal and ecological collapse. The narrative film combines live-action and stops motion animation. Inspired by the creative and healing powers of mushrooms and hallucinogens, Clement Hil Goldberg uses near-future sci-fi to bring our focus back to Earth.

To learn more about this fiction, please read it here.