Andrea Horbinski Reviews Japan's Green Monsters

04 Jan, 2022

Andrea Horbinski Reviews Japan's Green Monsters

BCNM alumn Andrea Horbinksi recently reviewed Sean Rhoads and Brooke McCorkle's Japan's Green Monsters: Environmental Commentary in Kaiju Cinema in H-Net Reviews December 2021 edition. Rhoads and McCorkle's book offered "a needed reassessment of the kaiju eiga (giant monster movie) genre, arguing that is animated not simply by nuclear fears and commercialism but by environmental critique more broadly considered".

More from the review:

The authors expand their focus to include not only Godzilla but also his foe-turned-sometimes-friend Mothra, and the lesser-known but beloved giant turtle Gamera, of Daiei Company. As the authors note, the latter two monsters have almost never been discussed in kaijū scholarship, and they take their intervention further by considering all of the movies in their original Japanese-language ver‐ sions, rather than the often horribly recut English dub versions that are most familiar to audiences in North America...

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