Edgar Fabián Frías in Shoutout LA

07 Dec, 2021

Edgar Fabián Frías in Shoutout LA

MFA Art Practice candidate and BCNM Certificate student Edgar Fabián Frías gets a shout out in Shoutout LA! Lovely interview with a great artist!

From the interview:

Risk is a catalyst. It is powerful tension that can propel you in directions you may have never envisioned were possible for yourself! I have taken many risks in my life and career and I am currently taking more! For example, in 2018, after years of working towards it, I was finally approved for my LMFT licensure in the state of California. Then, about two weeks later, I was offered an artist residency in another state. The risk-averse part of me thought this would be a bad move, but, deep down, I could feel the desire within me, yearning to go into fulltime art practice. That’s when you know you must do it! When the desire is just as strong or even stronger than the feeling of fear and risk. I am so grateful I made this decision as it has completely changed my life! Risk is a great teacher and an ally! But we must befriend it first and, gently invite it into our lives.

Read the whole shout out here!