Ra Malika Imhotep on Black Poetry

21 Nov, 2021

Ra Malika Imhotep on Black Poetry

Ra Malika Imhotep co-hosted a conversation on Black poetry for the Caribbean Cultural Center. Joining her in discussion was LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs, and both speakers talked about Black poetry in relation to their personal experiences as performance artists and writers. Centering the conversation around joy, they answered questions such as, "Describe the last time you laughed," and, "Name three things you strive for in your poetry?".

From the conversation:

We’re discussing Black Poetry with writers and performance artists LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs & Ra Malika Imhotep. Join us here on Thursday, October 21st at 8 PM (EST) to experience this intergenerational exchange. Sankofa Talks allows us to take time to reflect on our Diaspora’s history and understand how it informs our present and future. Our program celebrates Black Poetry Day, nationally commemorated on October 17th in honor of the first Black published author Jupiter Hammon and the contributions of Black poets past and present.

To watch the full discussion, click here!