Morgan Ames Joins BCNM Executive Committee

09 Nov, 2021

Morgan Ames Joins BCNM Executive Committee

Morgan Ames has joined the BCNM Executive Committee! We're so lucky to have her join the BCNM community and offer her insight into inequities in technology.

Morgan is an Assistant Processor of Practice in the School of Information and Associate Director of Research for the Center for Science, Technology, Medicine and Society. She is currently teaching in the Masters in Data Science (MIIDS) program and administers the Designated Emphasis on Science and Technology Studies. She is also affiliated with the Algorithmic Fairness and Opacity Working Group and the Center for Science, Technology, Society and Policy. Her PhD is in communication with a minor in anthropology from Stanford. She has a B.A. in computer science and M.S. in information science, both from the University of California, Berkeley.

Morgan's latest work involves researching the ideological origins of inequality in the technology world, with a focus on utopoianism, childhood, and learning. She published a book titled "The Charisma Machine: The Life, Death, and Legacy of One Laptop per Child", which draws on archival research and ethnographic fieldwork in Paraguay. She will continue to explore the interaction between computers, ideology, and identity and how utopianism plays in discourses around childhood, education, and 'development'.

Welcome Morgan!