Edgar Fabián Frías at Wxtch Craft

20 Oct, 2021

Edgar Fabián Frías at Wxtch Craft

Edgar Fabián Frías was featured in Opening Coven: Portal Brujxs, the opening lecture of the Fall Cycle of Wxtch Craft - Studium Generale lecture series 2021-22!

From the Wxtch Craft website:

This Fall, in line with the season, will be all about stone-work, divination practices, writing with the dead, dancing with the dark, indigenating ancient cults and working with the chiaro-oscuro of communicating with our (tr)ancestors, also in the sense of trans (shapeshifting) and trance (shamanism). We seek to understand

What insideous storytelling leads to enstrangement, disenchantment, objectification and oppression? And what re-story-ing leads to restoration, re-enchantment, transformation and justice?

Check out the recording of the lecture here!