E&T Reviews Hannah Zeavin's The Distance Cure

01 Sep, 2021

E&T Reviews Hannah Zeavin's The Distance Cure

Engineering & Technology recently reviewed BCNM faculty Hannah Zeavin's book The Distance Cure: A History Of Teletherapy. Published this year by the MIT Press, Hannah's The Distance Cure, speaks on how technology has transformed traditional, in-person doctor appointments, especially in the context of mental health and therapy in this ongoing pandemic.

From the review:

It would be a mistake, however, to regard ‘The Distance Cure’ as ‘propaganda’ in support of the advantages of remote treatment and counselling over the good old face-to-face doctor-patient contact which is, and will always remain, the most effective and the most humane way to proceed. This book is but a powerful reminder of the importance of communications technologies - alien and impersonal as they may appear to some - in our survival. It is the history we all have to learn in order to face the future.

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