Abigail De Kosnik on Humanities and Pandemic Culture

03 May, 2021

Abigail De Kosnik on Humanities and Pandemic Culture

Professor Abigail De Kosnik discusses the connection between media/ film studies and the current moment in the Townsend Center for the Humanities lecture series, (Re)making Sense: The Humanities and Pandemic Culture. The conversation also included Antonella Bonfanti, the film collection supervisor for the Pacific Film Archive, and Jeffrey Skoller, Berkeley Film and Media associate professor.

The lecture poses and addresses the following questions: How do we know when we're seeing an important or iconic image? What role does the academic study of visual culture, through such disciplines as film studies and art history, play in shaping the ways we now process and use images? How do avant-garde and contemporary visual practices respond to the current moment? Can we trace the emergence of a post-pandemic iconography? This dialogue is particuarly relevant to those interested in the future of the humanities.

Watch the full lecture here !