10 Games to Play on Earth Day

24 Apr, 2021

10 Games to Play on Earth Day

BCNM alum and film and media scholar Alenda Y. Chang with Edmond Chang has compiled a list of 10 video games perfect to play in celebration of Earth Day. The reccomended games range in scope and have something for a variety of video game player preferences, all with the ability to connect players to nature.

From the article:

We think every day is a good day to play environmentally intelligent games, but if you’re looking for something new, quirky, or thought-provoking to play for Earth Day, here are some titles that we’ve played recently. They range from relatively short (Aurora, A Child’s Journey) to potentially endless (Eco); some have been out for a year now (Beyond Blue), while others have just been released (Cozy Grove)--one is still in alpha (Among Trees)! Whatever your gameplay proclivities, you’ll find something to love in this broad spectrum of mechanics and art styles.

Read the full list of games here!