Rita Lucarelli's Work Featured on TechStory

17 Apr, 2021

Rita Lucarelli's Work Featured on TechStory

BCNM faculty member and UC Berkeley Associate Professor in Egyptology Rita Lucarelli's work with Egyptian artifacts was highlighted and featured in TechStory's "VR to Offer New Immersive Experience."

By reconstructing digital 3D models of Egyptian artifacts, Rita and her team are able to provide the general public with an experience of the Egyptian tombs. "The Book of the Dead in 3D," allows users to visualize and explore the tomb of an ancient Egyptian. The project not only benefits the general public, but also allows experts to recreate artifacts in 3D for closer review.

From the article:

Rita Lucarelli, the project lead and an associate professor of Near Eastern Studies and faculty curator of Egyptology at the Hearst Museum at UC Berkeley said, "You can have the experience of entering a tomb, walking around a coffin and interacting with these beautiful funerary texts and images."

Lucarelli and her team has successfully scanned, digitized and prepared 3D models of the Egyptian artifacts. This was done in order to preserve these artifacts in digital format so that they will be available for studying and research.

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