Neyran Turan at the Venezia Biennale

19 Mar, 2021

Neyran Turan at the Venezia Biennale

UC Berkeley Associate Professor of Architecture Neyran Turan's "Architecture as Measure" will feature as an upcoming exhibition as part of the Venezia Biennale. The exhibit will be composed of an online collection of essays, conversations, and other content from select guests, an installation, and storytelling.

The Venezia Biennale runs from May 22 to Nov. 21, 2021.

From the Hurriyet Daily News about the exhibit's theme:

In light of the current climate crisis, what can architecture contribute towards a new planetary imagination of our contemporary environment beyond environmentalism and technological determinism? Rather than limiting the role of design simply to a solution to the problem of climate change, can we speculate on architecture as a measure through which the environment might be reimagined? “Architecture as Measure” positions climate change as a cultural and political idea that requires a renewed architectural environmental imagination.

Taking Turan’s recently published book “Architecture as Measure” as a theoretical preamble, the exhibition defines the planetary as the vast geo-temporal scales through which climate emergency accelerates. But instead of seeing the concept of planetary imagination purely as preserving nature, or as technological management or visualization, it is important, at this moment, for architecture to consider the potential of planetary imagination from within its inner workings. Accordingly, architecture needs to see the larger questions around planetary imagination and the everyday aspects of its own making as one and the same thing.

Read more about the project here! You can also find out more about the Venice Bienalle here.