Eric Paulos Promoted to Full Professor

01 Mar, 2021

Eric Paulos Promoted to Full Professor

We are thrilled to announce that Eric Paulos has been promoted to Full Professor in BCNM and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science!

Eric's research spans such wide-ranging topics as human-computer interactions, citizen science, robotics, and urban computing. He is also an artist interested in staging critical interventions on the nature of media and technology in modern society. Our students may know Eric best as the instructor of the incredibly popular course Critical Making, which operationalizes and critiques the practice of “making” through both foundational literature and hands on studio culture. He's also been instrumental in developing the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation and Berkeley's new Masters in Design program! And that's not even beginning to mention his lab's incredible papers, presented at the premiere conferences in their field.

He received his PhD from Berkeley's EECS department and spent several years working at Intel's Research center. More information at!

Congratulations, Eric!!