Bo Ruberg on Critical Perspectives in Technology

14 Feb, 2021

Bo Ruberg on Critical Perspectives in Technology

BCNM alum Bo Ruberg speaks on their book The Queer Games Avant-Garde on the sixth talk on "Critical Perspectives on Technology", a lecture series within the project "Exceptional Norms: Marginalised Bodies in Interaction Design." In the talk, Bo refers to the interviews in their book The Queer Games Avant-Garde as they provides insight on queer game-making practices, the politics of queer independent video games, queer aesthetics, and more!

From the talk:

"When I talk about queer game's avant-garde what I'm talking about is a kind of extended network of queer and trans game developers who are at the forefront of contemporary video game design. When I say network it's not necessarily just one community, not folks in just one place. There are a lot folks in North America but also extended across Europe and increasingly other parts of the world as well. And they're making video games but also analog games, so we're seeing a crossover between the digital and nondigital. And what kind of unifies their work is that it challenges us to reimagine what video games can be. Often this work will play off of traditional video game tropes and sometimes it won't look like a traditional video game at all, so it really kind of forces us to think what games can be."

Check out the full talk here!