danah boyd on Philanthropy's Techno-Solutionism Problem

02 Dec, 2020

danah boyd on Philanthropy's Techno-Solutionism Problem

BCNM alum danah boyd recently wrote a paper titled "Philanthropy’s Techno-Solutionism Problem" with Janet Haven for the Knight Foundation. This is essential reading for all those in the non-profit sector.

From the paper:

Modern American democracy is inextricably intertwined with both the benefits and harms of globalized capitalism. Meanwhile, globalized capitalism has allowed the rise of new centers of power with little or no accountability. Two such power centers, the tech industry and contemporary philanthropy, will be key actors in the next decade of American democracy. We argue that American philanthropy must use its position and power to help design and put in place new forms of hard accountability for both sectors.

Read the rest of the paper here!