Xiaowei Wang Interviewed in Letters from Ximena

28 Nov, 2020

Xiaowei Wang Interviewed in Letters from Ximena

Artist, writer, and technologist Xiaowei Wang, was recently featured in "Creatives in Tech", an interview series exploring how writers in tech navigate creative work in the intersection of writing and tech. In the interview, Xiaowei explains how their interest in technology developed as a design student, describes the role of writing in their passion for tech, dives into the writing process for their new book Blockchain Chicken Farm, and reveals their upcoming plans.

From the interview:

"There's one mode of writing where you're explaining things, and you say, here's this phenomenon - feel sacred, or enlightened, or whatever. And then there's another mode of writing, which is giving people something - like a tool, or a way of being, understanding, or interacting in the world. And I'm drawn to that second mode because that's kind of like the feeling of making software: you're giving people this prosthetic or thing to meditate or see the world anew. And that feels really exciting."

Check out the whole interview here!