Jen Schradie on the Race to the Bottom

12 Oct, 2020

Jen Schradie on the Race to the Bottom

BCNM alum Jen Schradie was recently invited as a guest on France 24 to discuss the US presidential debate that occurred on Tues. September 29th. During their discussion, they highlight crucial points and criticize both candidates' interruptions and insults, while questioning the state of democracy in the US.

From the news report abstract:

Traditionally, US presidential debates barely sway public opinion, if at all. Of course, the spectacle that unfolded on Tuesday night in Cleveland was not your traditional debate. For 90 minutes, tens of millions of Americans watched Donald Trump and Joe Biden needle, badger, interrupt, and sometimes even insult. But were viewers agape and embarrassed or cheering and baying for blood? Is it infotainment that will soon be forgotten or a telling illustration of the state of democracy in the US?

How does the rest of the planet feel when the leader of the world's top superpower refuses to commit to respecting the outcome of the election? An election that's taking place in the midst of a Covid-19 pandemic, where traditional campaigning has been curtailed and where millions have already cast ballots. This was no ordinary debate and this is no ordinary election.

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