Praise for Trevor Paglen at CMOA

16 Sep, 2020

Praise for Trevor Paglen at CMOA

Trevor Paglen is featured in both “The New York Times” and “TribLive” where both highlight Paglen's sculpture, “Autonomy Cube” located in the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh!

Pagans sculpture provides WI-FI hotspot to visitors who can link their phone anonymizing it where their digital movements can’t be tracked and data can’t be collected.

From “The New York Times” article:

It’s also an open Wi-Fi hot spot to which you can link your phone. But before your phone connects to the internet, it routs traffic through the Tor Project’s network, which anonymizes your phone, location and activity. Once you connect, you can move through the museum totally untraced. This sculpture, titled “Autonomy Cube,” is the kind of object for which Trevor Paglen, 45, has become known, as one of the foremost artists drawing attention to the power and ubiquity of surveillance technology.

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