Watch Ken Goldberg in Sim2Real Debates

05 Aug, 2020

Watch Ken Goldberg in Sim2Real Debates

Interested in robotics education and robot software? Make sure to watch Ken Golberg in Sim2real, where well-known researchers were invited to debate and discuss the impact of Sim2Real on robotics with a focus on robotic manipulation.

From overview:

Physical simulation is an important tool for robotics. While simulation has been well-established for robotics education and integrated robot software testing for a long time, only recently the robotics community has made significant progress in transferring capabilities learned in simulation to reality, a concept termed Sim2Real transfer.

Sim2Real refers to a concept of transferring robot skills acquired in simulation to the real robotic system. Sim2Real draws its appeal from the fact that it is cheaper, safer and more informative to perform experiments in simulation than in the real world – yet, Sim2Real faces significant challenges.

To watch the debates click here!