Jane McGonigal on Sparking Hope for the Future

03 Aug, 2020

Jane McGonigal on Sparking Hope for the Future

On the Institute for the Future blog, alum Jane McGonigal discusses how to spark hope for the future by asking ourselves three questions. As 46% of Americans note that the pandemic has taken a toll on their mental health, this has become more important than ever.

From the article:

Why do we practice foresight? It helps us anticipate and prepare for future challenges. We spot new opportunities for innovation. We build consensus and motivate action around a vision for a preferred future. These are, perhaps, the most common reasons for thinking about the future. But foresight practice has another important benefit that’s often overlooked by foresight professionals. A well-designed foresight tool can help us feel better now, by lifting us out of depression and anxiety - especially during times of uncertainty and crisis.

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