C19 Shield - Support their Efforts!

23 Apr, 2020

C19 Shield - Support their Efforts!

Tina Piracci, a University of California, Berkeley, Architecture student is part of a group of CED and Engineering students, who have partnered with the Citris Invention Lab and leaders from UCSF, along with other institutions, to help create an emergency resource management app called C19 BayShield. The C19 Bayshield app provides swift emergency resource allocation and distribution.

From Tina Piracci:

Makers all over the world are doing their best to facilitate the Personal Protective Equipment deficit. With massive quantities requested and users constantly in flux, PPE distribution has been difficult to organize. C10 has a solution. The C19 | BayShield app coordinates between health facilities and makers to ensure as much PPE is distributed as efficiently and effectively as possible. The app provides live updates, priority request sorting, processing and many more features to alleviate stress while ensuring a timely order fulfillment. With makers running out of materials and distribution centers on backorder, this app bridges members of the community to facilitate the PPE crisis. Makers everywhere are putting their skills/money to use in order to produce PPE and this platform ensures the makers are compensated for their materials (or otherwise replaced to make more!) The existing avenues of PPE distribution are one-way and lack a live platform that systematically adjusts to the needs of the makers and facilities as conditions fluctuate.

The C19 BayShield group has been extremely busy connecting members of their community in order to 3D print, gather and distribute various types of PPE.They have sent shields around the Bay area, as well as several other states including NY. You can support this great project with donations here.

The team is also always seeking new talent to join the effort and get this app up and running swiftly! If anyone with app development experience is interested in joining the effort, please have them fill out the application here.

What an inspiring collaboration!

You can also watch their video: