The COVID Cookbook from Jill Miller's AP Class

20 Apr, 2020

The COVID Cookbook from Jill Miller's AP Class

Food Fight! Students in Professor Jill Miller’s UC Berkeley class Food Fight/Art 160 address awareness around serious issues of food insecurity by creating unconventional, pop-up dining experiences, while experimenting with video and social media platforms. However, after the “shelter in place” order and transition to remote learning, the pop-up diner experience transitioned to a web based publication, developing the “COVID Cookbook” leveraging creative foraging.

From the classroom website:

How can we use contemporary art strategies to address food security issues on our campus? In this course, we take an out-of-the-box approach to campus-wide food deficits by using creative practices to form community connections and explore different avenues for addressing the availability of nutritious, affordable foods.

Our course is centered on group projects, critical community engagement, and collaborating with each other and the Berkeley campus. Our course began with weekly, student-made soups and frequent small group projects, and has transitioned into an online classroom where we are far apart yet still work together as much as possible. We are currently working on a foraging unit where we search for wild edibles using a field guide from Berkeley Open Source Food. We collectively contribute to an iNaturalist class project, often discovering the same wild edibles across the US where we shelter in place.

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