Alum Malika Imhotep Interviewed on Bespoken Bones

25 Mar, 2020

Alum Malika Imhotep Interviewed on Bespoken Bones

Designated Emphasis candidated Ra Malika Imhotep (African American Studies) was interviewed in an episode of “Bespoken Bones.” In the interview she talks about what it means to play with grief, the erotic, sex, and ancestors as a black feminist.

From the podcast:

Bespoken Bones supports the development of radiant wellness in past, present and future generations! Reconnecting with the knowing ways of the ancients helps guide us in good ways towards a future here on Earth that is connected, sustainable, loving and kind for all beings.

In this episode of Bespoken Bones, we discuss:

  • Ra Malika Imhotep’s gratitude towards Ann Valentine

  • That a degree is not the only way to make a legitimate impact

  • The Black Liberation Movement

  • The relationship between grief and black study

  • The embodiment of the ghosts she carries in her body

  • The erotic and how we relate to our ancestors and our sexuality

  • How black feminists think and feel about the relationship(s) between ancestors and sex

Listen to podcast here.