Keith Feldman on Anti Muslim Racism Beyond Islamophobia

11 Feb, 2020

Keith Feldman on Anti Muslim Racism Beyond Islamophobia

For American Quarterly's December 2019 issue, BCNM faculty Keith Feldman wrote an article "Anti-Muslim Racism beyond Islamophobia." Feldman initially draws from Trump v. Hawaii to launch into how anti-Muslim racism circulates in the United States, and its relationship to state-sanctioned violence and imperial sovereignty. From there, he reviews other literature and brings in race theory, organizational effectiveness, and more to explain the current global landscape.

An excerpt from his article:

Amid the precarity produced by global financial restructuring, the naturalization of racialized discourses of terror and security, and the world-historic diasporas fleeing violence in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and beyond, Trump's Muslim Ban is arguably but one node in a wider constellation of bids to rejuvenate the civilizationist and racial supremacist lexicon of nation-state sovereignty, whether in fractious and sometimes fatal debates about Muslim inclusion in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, or the persistence of anti-Muslim violence as a salient dimension of Hindu nationalism, or the ongoing state-authorized surveillance and incarceration of the Uighur minority in China.

You can read the entirety of his piece here.