Shannon Jackson at After Tomorrow

19 Feb, 2020

Shannon Jackson at After Tomorrow

A project initiated by BCNM professor Shannon Jackson in collaboration with Teresa Caldeira and PhD students has officially launched! After Tomorrow: Oakland and Saint-Denis cooperation project launched in Cal's Global Urban Humanities Department.

About the project:

A cooperation project between Oakland (California) and Saint-Denis (France): both territories are major places of cultural and social innovation in which artists, architects, institutions’ supporters and cultural places create, often in a precarious way, new forms of solidarity, mutualization, and the gathering of inhabitants. The cooperation project is part of a global debate about the metropolization of our territories and about the role of cultural and artistic actors in urban development. The goal is to take part in the debate, to give voices to both suburbs, and to share models that are being created.

Shannon Jackson's and Teresea Caldeira's students will now write about what the act of comparing means to them, and how it applies to their own research. They will reflect on possible strategies of comparison between Oakland and Saint-Denis. To do so, they will observe public spaces in Oakland from the interconnected perspectives of the built environment and social interactions. They will also interview people relevant to their project and create new maps representing how inhabitants truly experience their city. At the end of this class, the students will have to share their work at a symposium in a scholarly intervention isolating a research question raised during the course.

Read more about the project here.