Trevor Paglen at Nam June Paik Art Center

08 Dec, 2019

Trevor Paglen at Nam June Paik Art Center

Last year, alum Trevor Paglen received the prestigious Nam June Paik Art Center Prize from Yongin, a South Korea–based institution, for his work blurring the lines between art, technology, communication, and performance.

As part of the award, he is receiving his first solo exhibition at the Nam June Paik Art Center in Gyeonggi. "Machine Visions" is on view until February 2, 2020.

The exhibition is an intensive exploration of the unique artistic world that Paglen has created, based on a variety of media. The exhibition title refers to the phenomenon whereby images are no longer created for humans but by machines in order to operate machines. Featuring 19 video, photographic and satellite works, this exhibition offers an overview of Paglen’s oeuvre, including images filmed and reproduced by AI systems, aesthetic constructions of surveillance satellites born of cosmic imagination, and visualizations of invisible state surveillance systems.

Upon receiving the 2018 Nam June Paik Art Center Prize, Paglen commented, “it’s an incredible honor to be awarded the Nam June Paik Art Center Prize. Nam June Paik was an incredible visionary, an artist who taught us how to see a rapidly changing world, and a huge inspiration to me personally. To be recognized in relation to Nam June Paik is truly one of the greatest honor I can imagine.” Nam June Paik Art Center Prize jury committee chairwoman Kim Hong-hee praised Paglen as “an artist who implicitly exposes the secret surveillance devices of military and intelligence bodies using multiple media including photography, video, sculpture and installation. By visualizing the results of his thorough research and investigations through abstract color and formal exploration, he creates his own unique style, combining politics and aesthetics.”

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