Interview with Koci Hernandez in ASMP

11 Aug, 2019

Interview with Koci Hernandez in ASMP

The American Society of Media Photographers featured Koci Hernandez in "Questions with an Educator." Koci discussed with the ASMP his California Youth Prison Systems Project, explained what it took to publish his recent book, and shared his favorite parts about teaching at UC Berkley.

From the interview:

Also, the technological potential for students to cook up anything they want is another why I’m here. From a startup to an app, to an innovative business model, to an investigative story with multimedia elements. The possibilities are endless. In order to be a co-pilot for these students’ very important works of journalism, it’s really about being in communion and communication with the students. Being part of their projects and being part of their journalistic foundation is really exciting to me. I also get to work with ridiculously talented colleagues and peers who are all working journalists. UC Berkeley is a professional school that is constantly creating. Being in that environment and around these people is absolutely stunning, amazing and jaw-dropping every day.

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