DexNet 4.0 in the DailyCal

09 Mar, 2019

DexNet 4.0 in the DailyCal

Mallika Seshadri features Ken Goldberg and team's DexNet 4.0 in the article "A handy design: UC Berkeley engineers introduce 1st ‘ambidextrous’ robot" in the DailyCal. The article discusses how DexNet's new approach to gripping has the capability of revolutionizing factory robotics.

From the article:

The initial step in developing the robot was creating an experimental benchmark system that could help the researchers measure progress.

The researchers also had to re-examine data with their previous methods involving two individual grippers: Dex-Net 2.0 and 3.0. These grippers were designed to plan grasps from synthetic data that often came from 3D object models in conjunction with analytic models of geometry and contact physics.

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