Ken Goldberg's DexNet 4.0 in Axios

04 Mar, 2019

Ken Goldberg's DexNet 4.0 in Axios

Axios' Kaveh Waddell highlights how DexNet 4.0, a robot trained to grasp items by Ken Goldberg's team of researchers at UC Berkeley, could alter the e-commerce landscape and the future of warehouses. Robot grabbers have long been touted as a natural fit for warehouses worldwide, but so far, their precision and speed has not matched human dexterity. DexNet 4.0 is one step towards changing this.

From the article:

"You could have very dense warehouses where you could have these bins and robots in really tight quarters," says Goldberg. Think small, vertical warehouses throughout Manhattan, rather than a few huge warehouses mostly outside the city.

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