BCNM in Vision & Light: Processing Perception

09 Feb, 2019

BCNM in Vision & Light: Processing Perception

BCNM faculty and students will be shown in the Worth Ryder Gallery's exhibition "Vision+Light: Processing Perception," running from February 20th to March 14th! Presented by Science at Cal & The Department of Art Practice, and co-sponsored by UC Berkeley Arts+Design Initiative, the program considers what creates perception in humans and machines, the nanoworld of color and structure, the threads of networks that connect us all. We're thrilled to see Greg Niemeyer (Professor of Art Practice), Noura Howell (Ph.D. candidate in Information and DE in New Media), and Vivian Liu (Undergraduate in Cognitive Science and Computer Science and certificate student in New Media) represented in this fantastic show!

From the website:

Explore exhibits of microscopy, painting, video installations and sculpture, created by artists and scientists probing our world for deeper understanding.

Learn about interacting with ourselves, explore physics and virtual worlds, fold paper with an origami master, and join in fascinating conversations on science, image and creativity.

Gallery hours are 12-5pm, Mondays - Thursdays. Don't miss out on the opening reception, running 4 - 7pm on Wednesday, February 20th!

For more information on the program, click here!