Ken Goldberg in Bloomberg Review

28 Jan, 2019

Ken Goldberg in Bloomberg Review

Bloomberg Law's 'The Daring Young Man on The Flying Trapeze Just Might Be a Robot' discusses how Disney is developing robots capable of performing stunts at themeparks — and they called on our very own Ken Goldberg for expert insight.

From the article:

“There are very narrow things machines can do like calculations, playing certain games, and performing certain rote tasks,” Goldberg said. “Trying to say you’re doing something with robots with human dexterity is total science fiction.

"“Cloud robotics” may eventually offer a solution to robotic performances. The technology allows robots to draw on information about the world around them from a network of computers instead of making calculations on the fly. It’s expected to help robots operate more smoothly while performing common tasks like picking up objects and moving multiple objects of various sizes.

“We think that there’s some hope in having machines learn over time,” Goldberg, who is working on technology to improve robot dexterity, says. “If one robot tries to grasp a plate or another object and drops it, you can transmit to several other robots the updated information and patch that to all of the robots out there.”

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