Help Ken Goldberg's Dex-Net Improve!

16 Jul, 2018

Help Ken Goldberg's Dex-Net Improve!

A Wired article by Matt Simon, published on July 13th, shares the difficulties of grasping in robotics, and highlights how the beta version of Dex-Net as a Service, produced by Ken Goldberg and team, uses the cloud to help the robot compute their best course of action. And now we can contribute to this scientific project as well! Dex-Net needs many objects to learn how to grasp. Upload items to offer it a new challenge!

From the article:

But because you can upload your own designs to fiddle with them, you too can help Goldberg and his colleagues tackle one of the biggest problems in robotics. “We're going to be looking at these examples because we can learn from them,” he says. “We'll look at where it fails, where it succeeds, and it will help us fine-tune the system.”

Still, it’ll be a long, long while before robots can manipulate with the dexterity of humans. But bit by bit, we can all help them get there.

Read the article on Wired here.