Ken Goldberg at CODAME 2018

28 Jun, 2018

Ken Goldberg at CODAME 2018

This year's CODAME ART+TECH Festival codenamed #ARTOBOTS, examined the sphere of robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence. Through art, discussion, play and performance, with artists, inventors, dancers, and creative technologists, CODAME probed these potentials. And of course, our resident roboticist Ken Goldberg was among the speakers, discussing the Uncanny Valley.

From the website:

Automatons orchestrate much of our lives, from the artificial intelligences that translate our global conversations to the industrial robots that give us our digital toys. For many of us, this activity hums as background noise to our existence. Yet these processes in robotics, automation and artificial intelligence are already intimately entwined with our bodies and minds.

In the daily movements we make, the messages we send, and the sensations we experience, we already collaborate with these entities in increasingly varied, tactile and tangible ways. Bots mediate our relationships with ourselves, each other and our environments. While many of these interactions are familiar to us, there are a myriad of ways to move, think, sense and feel with our lively machines.

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