Shannon Jackson on Systemic Crises in European Theater

07 May, 2018

Shannon Jackson on Systemic Crises in European Theater

Shannon Jackson, Professor of Rhetoric, Theater, Dance and Performance Studies and Associate Professor at BCNM, was a keynote speaker at the Systemic Crises in European Theatre Conference in London. She was the first keynote speaker on the first day, delivering her speech titled "Public (Re) Assembly and Crisis Dramaturgy." The conference expanded over a two-day period from April 27 - April 28.

The event description from the Conference website reads:

This international conference examines the crisis of theatre in Europe. Across the continent we can observe significant institutional challenges and transformations: funding cuts, demographic changes, media and technological innovations, political interventions, movements in the public sphere, shifts in aesthetic tastes and moods. Each alone is seldom enough to cause a crisis, but in combination they do. There is a pressing need for robust research into the complex configuration of factors at work that are leading to significant shifts in the way theatre is understood, organised, delivered and received. The conference will bring together scholars from different disciplines and countries to examine factors that are common across Europe.

View the entire two-day schedule here.