Congratulating our 2018 New Media Undergraduate Certificate Class

03 May, 2018

Congratulating our 2018 New Media Undergraduate Certificate Class

Congratulations to our 2018 cohort, who are graduating with the New Media Undergraduate Certificate! These five women really invested in the new media landscape at Cal, and we're excited to see what new endeavours they undertake in their respective fields.

Jiani Hou

Jiani Hou is receiving her BA in Economics, with Certificates in New Media, Entrepreneurship & Technology, and Design Innovation. While at Cal, she's combined her visual arts background with a focus on graphic and UI/UX design. As part of the BCNM Certificate, she worked on data visualization in Abigail De Kosnik's Making Sense of Cultural Data course, and on social practice design/making in Jill Miller's studio class Critical Practices. Jiani enhanced her coursework through internships at the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology, where she served as a Design Lead, re-branding the program to promote inclusivity in technology, and at CBS Interactive, where she designed responsive templates for and produced interactive animation designs for upcoming campaigns.

Audrey Linden

Audrey Linden is graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric and a minor in Creative Writing, studying Narrative and Image. She’s helped facilitate a New Media Soundscape Reading at the BAMPFA with the goal of creating a living atmosphere of knowledge and information. She was also part of a team that created a pop-up cafe to experiment with alternative currency, in particular envisioning technology as a currency. Audrey has also served as part of the social media team for Cal Day and helped facilitate BARE magazine's creation and publication.

Advaita Suhrud Patel

Advaita Suhrud Patel is graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science. She’s a passionate designer, hacker, and visual artist, and at Cal has been involved in the research of the Hybrid Ecologies Lab, where she worked on thermodynamic watercolors under Eric Paulos and Cesar Torres. In the past, she’s also worked on Carpt, a car platform technology that converts a human driven car into an autonomous car to aid the car transition period for Ford Motors as part of a Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation course. You can view her work at

Sarah Weinstein

Sara Weinstein is graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science. While at Berkeley, she’s studied artificial intelligence, graphical user interfaces, and was part of Gail De Kosnik’s inaugural Making Sense of Cultural Data course. She’ll soon be moving to San Francisco to work in the Cloud Foundry department of Pivotal as a software engineer.

Nicole White

Nicole White is graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies and a minor in Journalism. She’s incorporated cognitive science, sociology, and media studies to study visual culture. She’s taken our graduate course Questioning New Media and the BAMPFA L&S course while at Berkeley, and you may have seen her helping out at our Past is Present conference last month. Nicole serves as a Senior Staffer for the Daily Cal, and has launched her own online music and culture magazine, Omnisound. Nicole has worked for Warner Bros. on their social media campaigns in the past.