NWMEDIA C262 Showcase

06 Dec, 2017

NWMEDIA C262 Showcase

Students showcased final projects from NWMEDIA C262: The Theory and Practice of Tangible User Interfaces, taught by Kimiko Ryokai with GSI Noura Howell on December 6, 2017. These amazing projects included a stop motion capture camera, an interactive way of thinking about time and values through placing money in jars and receiving a printed receipt of the choices you made in a few minutes, gloves to help you experience sound through everyday objects, trees that move and light in different ways to comment on personal space and invite reflection on interaction, and much more!

Congratulations to:

Peter Budweiser
Varshine Chandrakanthan
Crystal Chang
Gabriela Cibils
Tobias Christian Duemmling
Dylan Fox
Alejandro Garcia Salas
Parina Gujral
Christian Huelsemeyer
Ada Hui
Conner Hunihan
Jin Jeon
Sabine Christina Kaupp
Joyce Lee
Alyssa Li
Daniel Lim
Gabriel Nicholas
Monik Pamecha
Michael Park
Soravis Prakkamakul
Beomjune Sun
Francheska Spektor
Malavika Srinivasan
Bryan Thov
Nancy Yang
Qian Yu

2017 NWMEDIA C262 Showcase