Ken Goldberg on The Next Billion Seconds

05 Dec, 2017

Ken Goldberg on The Next Billion Seconds

Our own Ken Goldberg was featured on the science podcast, The Next Billion Seconds.

The Next Billion Seconds talks to some of the brightest minds shaping our world, charting our path as we voyage into an incredible future. The coming ‘next billion seconds’ are the most important in human history, as technology transforms the way we live and work.

From the episode description:

"Driving a car, folding a towel, cleaning the dinner table - these very human tasks have proven hard to teach to robots. So, how much can we expect from this rise of the Robots? Recorded at robotics pioneer Ken Goldberg's home in San Francisco, California - Ken shares his thoughts on a world of "multiplicity". Where the revolution rises in an emerging human-robot collaboration."

Listen to the episode here!

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