Why We Love Robots Wins Botsker

22 Jul, 2014

Why We Love Robots Wins Botsker

"Why We Love Robots" — a short co-directed by BCNM Executive Committee member and former Director Ken Goldberg with Tiffany Shlain — received a Botsker at the Robot Film Festival on Saturday, July 19th.

The Robot Film Festival is "an annual celebration of robots on screen and in performance." Held at Bot & Dolly in San Francisco this year, the event featured film screenings, live robot performances and a red-carpet award ceremony. The Robot Film Festival was founded in 2011 with the aim of encouraging artistry in robotic engineering. Fascinated by the frontiers of the human-machine relationship, organizers sought to nurture a community of creatives and engineers who "explore, document, and invent the imaginative world of robotics."

"Why We Love Robots" is part of The Future Starts Here, an Emmy nominated original series with over 20 million views. Produced by Tiffany Shalin's The Moxie Institute, the series explores "what it means to be human as we rush head first into the future."

"Why We Love Robots" combines cultural references and found footage to explore our fascination with robots. Watch it here: