Revisited: Smartwatch Presentation

15 Dec, 2014

Revisited: Smartwatch Presentation

Eric Paulos' CS160: User Interface Design Course was presented the challenge and opportunity of creating app which incorporate both smartphones and the Toq Smartwatch, with sponsorship from Qualcomm. Students had to overcome the challenge of creating features which would enhance some part of users' lives, but that were simple enough to be integrative with the smartwatch. Design teams had to successfully test their apps and demonstrate in their final presentation a full understanding of the needs of their clitentele and the functionality of the app itself.

Given this limitation and opportunity, the students came up with a wide range of apps touching a wide variety of domains: hiking, restaurant going, DJ-ing, integrative security systems, virtual pet raising, presentation prompting, flight tracking, recruiting, shopping, exercise, meeting up with friends, managing construction sites, safe commuting, and even playing an enhanced version of "Assassins". Students not only made apps with real life use, but also honed their marketing, client research, and design skills.

Check out photos form the exciting presentations: