Alex Saum and Scott Rettberg Awarded Peder Sather Grant

24 Oct, 2017

Alex Saum and Scott Rettberg Awarded Peder Sather Grant

Congratulations Alex and Scott on receiving a Peder Sather grant! The Peder Sather Center for Advanced Study aims to strengthen ongoing research collaborations as well as foster new research collaborations between UC Berkeley researchers and researchers affiliated with the nine participating Norwegian consortium institutions. The Center accomplishes this goal by supporting activities such as workshops, mini-conferences, virtual intellectual exchanges, exchanges of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, the undertaking of pilot studies, and the undertaking of core research activities.

Alexandra Saum-Pascual, an Assistant Professor of Spanish at the University of California, Berkeley and Scott Rettberg, a Professor of Digital Culture in the department of linguistic, literary, and aesthetic studies at the University of Bergen, Norway, received a grant "for a joint research and collaboration project focused on Electronic Literature as a Digital Humanities framework."

This coming Spring, the BCNM will join Digital Humanities at Berkeley to help host a range of events and symposia around this project. As a preview for the exciting work to come, we're pleased to be partnering with Digital Humanities at Berkeley on two events this October! We hope to see you there!

Combinatory Digital Poetics in Electronic Literature and Film

Aleatory and combinatory poetic methods have been an ongoing concern of the avant-garde stretching back to the early 20th century, and have crystallised as one of the main threads of practice in electronic literature. Scott Rettberg will discuss how an interest in combinatory poetics reflected first in projects such as the poetry generators “Frequency,” “Tokyo Garage,” and “After Parthenope” emerged in collaborations with Roderick Coover and Nick Montfort in the combinatory film “Three Rails Live” and subsequently with Coover the feature-length combinatory film “Toxi*City” and the new work-in-progress (recently filmed in Ireland) “Circe.”

Event will take place on November 8th.

The Electronic Literature Knowledge Base Workshop

The Electronic Literature research group at the University Bergen hosts and develops the most extensive open-access research database in the field of electronic literature at — it documents and maps creative and critical activity in the field on an ongoing basis. It was an outcome of the ELMCIP — Electronic Literature as Model of Creativity and Innovation in Practice — project, a three-year six-nation European research project. ELMCIP serves as a good case studies of a large digital humanities project. This workshop will be focused on how to use the Knowledge Base for electronic literature research and pedagogy, and how to contribute and edit records.

Event will take place on November 14th.