Laura Devendorf

10 Feb, 2015

Laura Devendorf

Being the Machine

Being the Machine is a project that explores the relationship between humans-that-make and machines-that-make. Currently, it consists a system that instructs users to build following the same instructions given to 3D printers. By challenging the expected roles between humans and machines, this project prompts reflection on our relationships to technology, questions the implicit values of technological design and opens up a new space for human-machine/hybrid/cyborg fabrication.

I am looking for students with the following skills or serious interest in learning the following skills: programming (for web, mobile, hardware) and physical prototyping (Arduino, motors, electronics). An established art or craft practice (drawing, painting, music, knitting, etc.) would be a bonus.

About Laura

Hi, I’m Laura Devendorf and I’m a PhD Student at the UC Berkeley School of Information. My short history begins at UC Santa Barbara where I studied Studio Art and Art History. I graduated with honors in the Winter of 2006 and began working at Stewart+Brown, an eco-friendly clothing designer and manufacturer. At Stewart+Brown, I began learning how to code for web and started getting more interested in code as an art form. In 2009, I re-enrolled at UC Santa Barbara for a second bachelors degree in Computer Science and started researching topics in data visualization. To pay the bills, I also worked as the Program and Events Coordinator at the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center (IHC) at UCSB and also as a freelance web designer and developer. At the IHC, I started working with Alejandro Casazi to curate an international art space called the Platform Gallery. I graduated with honors in 2011 and have since moved to UC Berkeley. At Berkeley, I am advised by Kimiko Ryokai and also work with the students and faculty at the Berkeley Institute of Design. My current research interests involve investigating new applications and tools to support creativity and learning. My non-academic interests include collecting vinyl and enjoying the art scene in Oakland and San Francisco.