"The Builders Association" by Shannon Jackson Now Available

20 Jul, 2015

"The Builders Association" by Shannon Jackson Now Available

The Builders Association, a new book by Shannon Jackson, BCNM Executive Committee Member and Associate Vice Chancellor of Arts and Design at UC Berkeley, and Marianne Weems, the Artistic Director of The Builders Association and faculty member of Carnegie Mellon University, is now available from MIT Press. This book offers a generously illustrated history and critical appraisal of The Builders Association, an award-winning intermedia performance company founded in 1994, that develops its work in extended collaborations with artists and designers, working through performance, video, architecture, sound, and text to integrate live performance with other media.

Chris Salter, artist and University Research Chair in New Media, Technology, and the Senses, at Concordia University, Montreal, writes: “In The Builders Association, scholar Shannon Jackson and founder/director Marianne Weems expertly careen through twenty extraordinary years of this new media theater company’s pioneering work and in the process, demonstrate how one of the oldest forms of art can amplify and make sensible our historic and future moment of globalized, mediatized life.”

We're so excited to get our hands on a copy!