ATC Revisited: Maya Lin

30 Sep, 2014

ATC Revisited: Maya Lin

The Berkeley Center for New Media, the Arts Research Center, and the David Brower Center teamed up again for the Art, Technology, and Culture Colloquium's "What is Missing?" with Maya Lin on September 29, 2014.

Maya Lin described the currents of her art to an overflowing crowd, charting her interest in data and time through her many sculptures, memorials, and architectural designs. She emphasized her interest in using data to offer us new insight into our surroundings -- from pin works representing rivers, to wire structures of landscapes. Her most recent and final memorial is "What is Missing?" -- an iterative work that "dememorializes the memorial." Both web-based and situated physically in a variety of sculptures and installation works, "What is Missing?" asks both what we are losing as a result of the human impact on the environment, and what we could do to change this decline in diversity. An optimist at heart, Maya believes in the great resilience of our environment, if we allow it the time and space to change. Her work, which offers glimpses of what we are losing, seeks to make the connections between our actions and the environmental result, as a call for change.

Check out our photos below and some of the highlights of her talk.