ATC Revisited: Rick Lowe

18 Nov, 2014

ATC Revisited: Rick Lowe

Berkeley Center for New Media, in partnership with the Berkeley Arts Research Center and the David Brower Center were proud to host the artist and community organizer Rick Lowe. Lowe gave a phenomenal presentation of Project Row Houses, his Houston housing development which combines art, affordable housing, community building, and urban planning to create a socially sustainable community.

Lowe explored the challenges of creating such a planned community, especially balancing the desire to bring art and interpersonal connection to the community with the practical needs of affordable housing and community services. Lowe's model incorporates housing for low-income residents, commercial space for small businesses, community centers, and artist residencies and gallery space. Lowe hopes that Project Row Houses will inspire other urban renewal programs and serve as a model for how to engage a community through art without losing sight of the basic needs of its members.

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