HTNM Video Now Online: "Gamic Orientalism"

17 Mar, 2015

HTNM Video Now Online: "Gamic Orientalism"

Chris Goto-Jones continued the Spring 2015 series of the History and Theory of New Media lectures, held by the Berkeley Center for New Media. Chris offered fascinating insights into the construct of the virtual ninja and other aspects of gaming in his talk "Gamic Orientalism."

Chris Goto-Jones is the inaugural chair professor of Comparative Philosophy & Political Thought at Leiden University, Professorial Research Associate of the University of London, and Senior Research Fellow in Politics at Oxford University. He was previously Professor of Modern Japan Studies and director of the Modern East Asia Research Centre, Leiden. Goto-Jones is co-founder of the Political and Philosophical Arts initiative ( and a ‘VICI’ laureate of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). He is principal researcher of a 5-year (1.5 million euro) project to analyze the contributions of visual, interactive, and performance culture to political philosophy in Japan and East Asia ( He has published widely in the fields of political thought and comparative philosophy; in terms of popularizing publications, he is author of ‘A Very Short Introduction to Modern Japan’ (Oxford University Press, 2009), which has been translated into many languages worldwide.