Special Events

Futurefarmers Think Lodge*

Special Events
17 Apr, 2011

Futurefarmers Think Lodge*

Join us for an afternoon think lodge that recaps the Futurefarmers' research and concerns the methods used by artists and scientists to alleviate, amplify, condense, explode, illustrate, and understand the world around them.

This multi-faceted event includes discussion, demonstration, and participatory activities, including a timeline of microscopes by artist and jeweler David Cole, participatory sociograms led by artist Josh On, outtakes of the research picnics with scholar Ignacio Valero, and discursive engagement with the lingering questions that arose on the blanket through the research process so far. What are the limits of knowledge? Where is there still mystery, and how are researchers moving towards these "unknown" territories?

Bring a blanket and join us in the (hopefully sunny) sculpture garden to engage in the critique and the celebration of the quest for knowledge, participation encouraged but not required. . .

in between a think tank and a sweat lodge

Part of Futurefarmers: A Variation on the Powers of Ten / MATRIX 236.
Futurefarmers has spent the academic year in residency at the University exploring the production and the limits of knowledge through research picnics inspired by the iconic 1977 film Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames and its central image of a picnic on a blanket. Participants thus far include including Ignacio Valero, Humanities + Sciences, California College of the Arts; Ignacio Chapela, Microbial Ecologist, UC Berkeley; Arthur Shapiro, Professor of Evolution +Ecology, UC Davis; and Ananya Roy, Professor, Department of City + Regional Planning, UC Berkeley, among others.

Futurefarmers are hosted on campus by the Berkeley Center for New Media.

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