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BCNM at 10

Meet Ken Goldberg

The Berkeley Center for New Media is turning 10! To celebrate, over the next ten months leading up to our anniversary in September 2014, we’re sharing ten stories of [...]

1 September, 2014

Meet Sarah Stierch

The Berkeley Center for New Media is turning 10! To celebrate, we’re sharing ten stories of BCNM’s life so far. This month, hear how BCNM Susan B. Miller Fellow Sarah [...]

1 August, 2014

Meet Kimiko Ryokai and Laura Devendorf

The Berkeley Center for New Media is turning 10! To celebrate, over the next ten months leading up to our birthday party on September 25th, 2014, we’re sharing ten stories [...]

1 July, 2014

Meet Eric Paulos

A maker, a thinker, a tinkerer, Eric Paulos has been immersed in robotics from an early age. Before even enrolling in university, he’d taught computing and constructed his own machines. Eric is not just interested in creating, however — his work seeks to interrogate and critique the world in which we live. [...]

2 June, 2014

Meet Jen Schradie

Jen Schradie has never been afraid to confront the societal inequality she witnesses. During her undergraduate studies, Jen was involved with the farm workers’ movement and was active both in the United States and Mexico – eventually living with agricultural workers in Nicaragua at the height of the Contra War. In the American South, she has worked closely with activist groups fighting against poverty, racial discrimination, and inadequate healthcare and education by editing and creating documentary films. [...]

1 May, 2014

Meet BCNM's Gail De Kosnik and the Fan Data & Net Differences Team

Humanist researchers and hardware and software developers do not often have the opportunity to collaborate, but when they do, the results can be thrilling, as Abigail De Kosnik and Laurent El Ghaoui have found. Crediting the Berkeley Center for New Media’s interdisciplinary focus with creating an environment that encourages such intersectionality, these UC Berkeley professors have pioneered new methods of exploring internet cultures. [...]

1 April, 2014

Meet Tiffany Ng

When Tiffany Ng was a teenager, she saw the UC Berkeley carillon in Sather Tower on the television in her south San Francisco home and was entranced. But it was only years later, after studying at Yale and living in Belgium as she pursued her research in music, that she finally returned to the Bay to take her place behind the bells. [...]

3 March, 2014

Connect with BCNM's Ashley Bellouin and Rare Instruments

The music is otherworldly, haunting, and as unique as the instrument that created it. To achieve this sound, wind vibrates strings of various diameters and length that have been stretched from a suspended wooden hexagonal cylinder, through soundboards, to stakes planted in the ground. This is Ashley Bellouin’s alternative design to the classic aeolian harp. [...]

3 February, 2014

Connect with BCNM's Naomi Bragin and Street Dance

Naomi Bragin might have become a concertmaster.  Raised in a Los Angeles household of opera music, violin practice, and no television, she was immersed in classical culture growing up. But it was dancing to electronic music that ultimately ignited Naomi’s passion, and once she experienced movement styles developed in the underground clubs of LA and New York in the 1990s, dance became her outlet for artistic expression. [...]

21 January, 2014

Connect with Chris Goetz and QGCon

When Chris Goetz was seven years old, he asked his parents for a keyboard. His parents promised him his gift had buttons and made noise, but he was surprised when he unwrapped a Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Little did they know they had ignited a lifelong passion that would lead Chris to the Berkeley Center for New Media to research videogames. [...]

2 December, 2013

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