Björn Hartmann Receives CITRIS Seed Funding

24 Jun, 2015

Björn Hartmann Receives CITRIS Seed Funding

BCNM Executive Committee member Björn Hartmann (Computer Science) will receive CITRIS seed funding for UC Davis Medical Center's Katherine Kim for their research on social-mobile platform for optimizing health services for complex chronic care management!

The CITRIS seed funds encourage inter-UC collaboration by inviting CITRIS principal investigators at least two CITRIS campuses (UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Merced and UC Santa Cruz) to partner to apply for a one-year grant that supports CITRIS initiatives and facilitates early-stage research that can lead to external funding. Previous grantees have attracted larger-scale support from federal and state funding agencies and the industrial/private sector.

Björn and Katherine's project will develop a working prototype of a social-mobile platform for care coordination for complex health conditions that can incorporate clinical- and patient-generated data, share data with electronic health records (EHRs), enable communication and collaboration between patients and care teams, and incorporate privacy preservation features.

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