Best Video Prize at Hamlyn Surgical Robot Challenge

13 Jul, 2015

Best Video Prize at Hamlyn Surgical Robot Challenge

Ken Goldberg, Pieter Abbeel, Stephen Mckinley, Siddarth Sen, Animesh Garg, Yiming Jen, David Gealy, and W Douglas Boyd won the Best Video Prize at the Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics, which took place in London June 20th-23rd, with their video on "Autonomous Tumor Localization and Extraction."

The Symposium is in its eighth year and is held over four days to include workshops on various clinical and technical topics and a two-day main conference with participation of invited/keynote speakers, paper authors and delegates from leading medical, science and technology institutions.

Topics addressed by the 2015 symposium included: Co-operative Control and Perceptual Docking; Economic and general consideration of robotic surgery
Emerging, multi-specialty applications of robotic technology; Flexible Robotics; Human robot interaction and ergonomics; Intra-operative imaging and biophotonics for robotic surgery; Mechatronic designs for medical robotics; Microbot design and applications; Smart Instruments; Surgical simulation, training and skills assessment

You can see the winning video below, or watch it on Youtube!