QuakeCAFE: How prepared are you for an Earthquake?

19 Jan, 2016

QuakeCAFE: How prepared are you for an Earthquake?

Earthquake preparedness is a critical issue facing Californians. In Northern California alone, a major earthquake has the potential to cause over $2 billion in damage and adversely affect millions of lives. Proper preparation for earthquakes is an important step that individuals can take to prevent damage to themselves and their homes.

QuakeCAFE is an online platform designed by the UC Berkeley CITRIS Connected Communities Initiative in collaboration with the California Lt. Governor's Office with three goals in mind. (1) Allow visitors to rate themselves on their attitudes and actual level of preparedness if a major earthquake were to strike in that moment. (2) Provide resources to help educate visitors about steps they can take to better prepare. (3) Allow visitors to compare their own ratings to others, and provide open-ended comments about ways that governments and communities can help people better prepare for a major disaster.

The CITRIS Connected Communities Initiative, headed at UC Berkeley by BCNM members Björn Hartmann and Eric Paulos, has created QuakeCAFE (Collaborative Assessment and Feedback Engine), a mobile interface that provides a fast estimate of earthquake preparedness. QuakeCAFE was developed by Jay Patel, A.D. Catterson, Sanjay Krishnan, Brandie Nonnecke, and BCNM members Camille Crittenden and Professor Ken Goldberg and other members of the California Report Card team.

Take 1 minute to see how prepared you are, and join thousands of others who have visited so far in an online discussion about preparedness.

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