Wendy Ju, “How Motion Matters”

thumbnailWendy Ju, California College of Arts, “How Motion Matters”

People use expressive motion every day, often without conscious thought. This talk will explore the expressive possibilities of using motion to make more “intuitive” human-machine interactions in systems as varied as automatic doors, digital whiteboards, and personal robots. The projects are organized along three related themes: how movement functions as communication, how motion colors interpretation, and how motion generates narratives. By employing a variety of theoretical, experimental and empirical design approaches to explore how people respond to machines that use motion as an interaction modality, we can develop patterns and prototypes for machine behaviors that have wide-reaching application for the design of interactive devices, public installations, smart environments and educational systems.

Wendy Ju works at the intersection of media technology and the arts. She is an Assistant Professor of Design at the California College of the Arts, a researcher in the Computer Science department at Stanford University, and an innovator of curriculum at the intersection of arts and technology at Stanford’s d.school, Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), and Electrical Engineering department. Her research interests center on the expressive possibilities of computation and sensing technologies and on how to broaden the use and applications of interactive systems technologies to children, artists, and budding engineers.